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Welcome to New Orleans Dance Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras Colors & Tradition
Purple represents Justice
Green represents Faith
Gold represents Power
Hey, have some fun, embrace tradition & show off
your Mardi Gras self by wearing one of these
3 Mardi Gras Colors whenever you're not in costume.  You know you want to!

What do the Mardi Gras Colors mean?
Don't miss out on this very special, delicious & entertaining Saturday night event.  Click here to get all the scoop & get your tickets early!  Hurry, we expect a sell out!
Get into Dance Mardi Gras spirit with this fun fact
We are proud to offer our dancers not only a fantastic venue, but also a fascinating destination city.
New Orleans is truly a unique melting pot of culture, tradition, food & music. What better place to hold a Swing & Country Dance Competition?  To preview the excitement, just click on the highlight video of our 2014 competition & dance party below.  We can't wait to have you join us!  Register today & we'll see you in New Orleans!

Robert Roystons Mini Intensive
was added as a special Intensive and is not part of the event workshop pass prices.

The cost for this workshop is $85 pre-registered and $100 at the door no matter what color event pass you purchase.

Special Intensive